About Mulakanadu Maha Sangha

Mulukanadu brahmins are a sub-sect of Telugu speaking Vaidiki Smartha Brahmins. The mulukanadu community has always placed a strong emphasis on education. It was among the communities that earliest embraced English education and graduated from traditional vocations to the modern professions. Consequently, it has always been strongly represented in administration, academia, the judiciary, the government services and in the modern professions, such as medicine and engineering. The same emphasis on education has contributed in recent years to a large scale emigration of well-educated youngsters to the west, where they have contributed richly to many nascent fields, such as computer engineering, information technology and specialized medicine. The community has tended to eschew commercial pursuits.

Mulakanadu Maha Sangha is a self-governed organization intended to be a platform for Mulkanaadu Brahmanas.  Maha Sangha was started in June 1995 with  Devadu Gangadhar being the first President.

Objectives of the Maha Sangha

  • Provide Financial Assistance to needy  deserving students
  • Recognizing and Honoring  our members for their achievement in different fields
  • Coaching in  Veda, Music and Fine Arts
  • Counseling, Training  and Orientation
  • Social Responsibility

Sangha is governed by an elected working committee and has over 2500 members.

Mulakanadu brahmanaru:by T.V Venkatachala Sastry
A socio-cultural study of the mulakanada brahmanas in karnataka,
Books are available in our Sangha office intersted people can buy it from there  Price : 350/-